Part number Description
418E271101 Power/Processor Module HVR01
418E267400 Memory Module HVR01
024M026600 Comm Cable HVR01
024M026700 Power Cable HVR01
266M069600 DKM480 ULB Single Switch (HVR01)
266M069500 Refurbished DKM480 ULB (HVR01)
DK480 (Twin switches) ** Replaced by DKM480 or R as above (HVR01)
147M067400 Switch Cover kit for DK480,DKM480,DKM120
2219800074 O Ring HVR01
2219800075 O Ring HVR01
0479800101 Clamp HVR01
147M050300 Banner Kit HVR01


Power Supply H/SVR02
418M0663-10 2Gb Memory Module H/SVR02
024M064601 Power Cable H/SVR02
024M064501 Comm Cable RJ45 H/SVR02
075M078400 Orange plastic bolt cover
266M069400 DKM120 ULB (Used on H/SVR02 & 03)
DK120 DK120 ULB
DKM485/K DKM485/K ULB W/switch cover & brackets
810-2010K Battery kit for DKM485
810-2013K Battery kit for DKM480/DKM120
0119800034 / 810-2009K Battery kit for DK480
810-325 Spanner, 2 pin for DKM480/DKM120
810-2005 Spanner, 3 pin for DK480

DKM120 W/switch cover kit

266M119600 PT-9 ULB (HVR01 with optional adapter) S/HVR02 & 3
17483 PT-9 adapter to fit to HVR01
HVR0100000 HVR01 Recorder
SVR0200020 SVR02 Recorder

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